When you’re considering your next body piercing, it helps to look at body piercing photos to decide what piercing you want.

Here are several body piercing pictures to inspire your next piercing.


This young man has an eyebrow piercing. The body jewelry he’s wearing in his brow piercing is a barbell with cones. It appears to be a silver eyebrow barbell. The eyebrow piercing compliments his eyebrow’s razor cut shaping.


If you don’t have a tongue piercing, you might want to consider getting a tongue piercing. With the proper care tongue piercings can be fun and show off your daring side. Tongue piercings hurt, but the pain doesn’t last for very long with proper aftercare. These guys are having fun with his tongue piercing and is proud to show it off.


During the warm months, belly button, navel body piercings are a great way to show off a flat stomach. If you’re bold enough wear a mid-drift top to display your belly button, navel piercing. This body piercing also looks good when wearing a swimsuit. There is a lot of jewelry to choose from when you have a belly button, navel body piercing.


One of the most visible body piercings you can get is a nose piercing, and more specifically a nasal septum piercing. The nasal septum is the cartilage wall between the nostrils.  This man has a nasal septum piercing with barbell body jewelry. This type of body piercing has been worn by people for years.


You can have a lot of fun with lip piercings. This young lady as a lip ring as one of her body piercings of choice. With proper aftercare, you’ll enjoy having a lip piercing, whether it’s a lip ring or a lip stud piercing.

Now that you’ve seen several body piercings photos, you’re ready to choose the next body piercing that’s perfect for you!