Maybe you’ve already got a nose piercing or you’re considering your first nose piercing. One option to increase your nose piercing style is to get a double nose piercing. Two nose piercings can be much more stylish than one. You can get a piercing in each nostril or a two in the same nostril.

Here’s some information about getting a double nostril piercing:

Nose piercing in each nostril.

If you’re getting a nose piercing in each of your nostrils, you’ll follow the same guidelines as if you were just getting one. You can get one nostril pierced and come back and get to get the other nostril pierced if you’re concerned about your skin’s reaction to the piercing.

After you get both nostrils pierced, you can either wear matching nose rings or studs or switch it up for variety. Wear a nose stud on one nostril and a nose ring in the other.

Nose piercing in the same nostril.

What’s a little more complicated is if you want to have two nose piercings in the same nostril. It’s advised that when you get your first nose piercing to let the piercer know that you’ll be returning for another nose piercing when the first one has healed. That way the piercing practitioner knows where to place the hole in anticipation of there being a second nose piercing in the same nostril.

Allow your nostril piercing to heal before adding another nostril piercing on the same side of your nose. It usually takes about two to four months for a nose piercing to heal. Enjoy the one nostril piercing and then go back for the other nostril piercing. You don’t want to cause an infection or have unnecessary irritation. Also, if you’ve never had a nose piercing before, you get to decide if one nose piercing is enough for you while it heals.

If you have any questions about if your nose is big enough for a double nose piercing or any other concerns, consult your piercing practitioner.