So you’ve got a new body piercing and you’re wondering how long it’s going to take to heal. The length of time it takes for a body piercing to heal depends on where you get your body pierced. Some locations will take longer than others. Some areas of the body are also more likely to become infected or have other complications taking even longer in the healing process.

The most common piercing, in the earlobes, takes six to eight weeks to heal. Piercing the cartilage portion of the ear can take between four months to one year. The healing time varies because of the different types of tissue in the ear. Different levels of pressure are also placed on the ear while a person is sleeping which affects the healing time.
Another type of body piercing, tongue piercing, will swell in the beginning, but will heal quickly with the appropriate type of jewelry. The healing time of a navel/ belly button piercing can take longer due to the irritation of tight clothing. This can cause an infection.

Here is a general guideline for how long it takes for certain body piercings to heal.

— Ear lobe piercing takes between six to eight weeks to heal.
— Ear cartilage takes between four months to one year to heal.
— Eyebrows take between six to eight weeks to heal.
— Lip piercings take between two to three months to heal.
— Nostril piercing takes two to four months to heal.
— Nasal bridge takes eight to 10 weeks to heal.
— Nasal septum takes between six to eight months to heal.
— Nipple piercings take between three to six months to heal.
— Navel/ belly button will take four to one year to heal.
— Tongue piercings take four weeks to heal.
— Female genital piercing takes between four to 10 weeks to heal.
— Male genital piercing takes four weeks to six months to heal.

These body piercing healing guidelines are dependent on infections or other complications. Take proper care of yourself and your skin to reduce the risk of infection and ensure timely healing.