Parents and teens should discuss body piercings


Body piercing has become increasingly popular with teens. Many young girls already have ear piercings, but teens are getting more creative than that with tongue piercings, nose piercings and belly button, navel piercings. It’s a way to express themselves, make a fashion statement and show their individuality.

Some parents and guardians don’t like when their teens ask to get body piercings. And the concern can be understood. If a body piercing is not treated properly it can lead to infection. Some body piercings are also not appropriate for teens still in school or working part time.

There can be a compromise for parents and teens on the whole body piercing issue.

If a parent or guardian can tell that their teen just wants to express him or herself and isn’t doing anything radical with their body piercing, that parent should consider letting their teen get the body piercing. Perhaps start with more discreet body piercing, such as ear cartilage piercings and navel piercings.

Have a respectful conversation. If a teen expresses the desire to get a body piercing, it’s wise for the parents to have a calm one-on-one conversation with the teen in which each side shows the other respect. Otherwise, the teen might feel compelled to sneak off and get a piercing. He or she might go to a body piercing shop that doesn’t have the most sterile environment.

Talk about the body piercing. If you’re the parent, ask the teen why he or she wants the piercing. Make sure the teen gives a healthy response. If it’s peer pressure causing the desire for a piercing, talk about that. If you reject the teen’s desire for say, a nose piercing, tell him or her why. Don’t just tell them know. Let them know your concerns and that you’re listening to them.

Choose the body piercing parlor together. If you’re the teen and your parent allows you to get a body piercing, congratulations! Chances are they are going to have to go with you. Ask your parent to help you choose a body piercing shop where you can get your new ear, nose or navel piercing.

Discuss piercing aftercare. If the parent and teen have agreed to let the teen get a body piercing, they should discuss the proper method for taking care of the piercing. Having this conversation will help further ensure that the teen doesn’t get an infection or a keloid by not taking good care of their body piercing. An infection or keloid can happen to anyone so it’s best to be careful.