An industrial body piercing is a trendy way to express your body piercing style. An industrial body piercing is when a person connects two piercings on their outer ear rim with one long barbell earring. The barbell earring can be either straight across or at an angle on the ear. You can have ear hole pierced individually and allow them to heal before connecting them. You can also have them pierced and connected the same day. Recovery is better if the piercings are done separately.

If you have an industrial body piercing, it is important that you choose the right length industrial piercing body jewelry barbell. The shorter the industrial piercing body jewelry, the more stress it will put on your ear. For new body piercings, ill-fitting jewelery can slow healing time or cause injury. A qualified piercer will provide you with options to buy the appropriate industrial piercing body jewelry barbell.

It will take an industrial body piercing six to 18 weeks to heal completely. During this time proper piercing aftercare should be taken. Industrial body piercings take longer to heal than an earlobe piercing because of the cartilage tissues.

Some people experience some mild discomfort when having their ear cartilage pierced, including getting an industrial body piercing. It will be up to you to decide if you’ll have both holes pierced at the same time. Consult with your piercer about any concerns you may have about the pain or piercing aftercare.

If you are still unsure on if you want both holes pierced at the same time, have the piercer mark where your industrial piercing body holes will go and only pierce one during the first visit. You can follow up with the second hole for your industrial piercing body jewelry once the first hole has started to heal and the pain as subsided.